Beginners Copper Foiling Glass Workshop Half Day


Spend an afternoon in the studio making seasonal suncatchers using the copper foil method of stained glass.  Learn how to select, cut and solder glass, and go home with your own handcrafted stained glass suncatcher or small panel.



Are you looking to learn a new skill, or begin a new hobby, or simply enjoy an experience day where you try something new and go home with what you’ve made?

Why not book a half day (approx 3 to 3.5 hours) workshop in the copper foiling techniquestained glass here at Dragon Art Glass?

During this class you will learn how to select glass, cut to shape, foil and solder to a pattern, making yourself a fused glass suncatcher, or small stained glass panel.

Once cut, and soldered the piece will be neutralised, cleaned and polished and chain attached to allow it to hang.  You will leave with the suncatchers or small panel you have made to proudly display in your window.

This is the technique that Tiffany used to make beautiful stained glass windows, but its a great technique with which to make suncatchers, small (or large) panels, and decorations.

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