Freestanding Beach Hut Scene lightcatchers



Another popular variation on my Beach Hut scenes.  Again every one is deliberately made different.

Each beach hut is hand cut from sheet glass,  the parts assembled, enameled and fused in the kiln.

The backgrounds ae decorated separately – with fine glass powders being used as the decorative layers for sand, sea and sky.  Once this part is fused and cooled, flameworked embellishments are added, including branches, flowers, stems.  Often enameled details such as a sun, birds and fish are added.  Once the enameled details are dried, the whole piece is placed in the kiln, the pre-fused beach huts added, and the whole thing goes through another kiln cycle to fuse the constituent pieces together.

Finally, once cooled each piece has to have a final kiln run to bend and shape it to allow it to be a free standing arch or wave – this is called the slumping process, and the final shape is dependent on the mold used.

Again, the pictures you’ll see on the drop down variations will be the actual freestanding light catcher/screen you receive.

I try and keep one or two in stock in their pre-shaped state, so if for example you would like a wave shape and there are only arch shapes showing in stock, then feel free to get in touch – they are usually only a kiln firing away from completion.

Sizes obviously vary, but to give you a guide, the rectangular are generally about 24cm x about 12 cm high.  The shaped are lower, which is reflected in the pricing.  Due to the shape these have to be posted as a small parcel.

Additional information

Weight 1.0 kg
Dimensions 25 × 13 × 5 cm

Concave, Convex, Wave

Additional Finish

Rectangular, Shaped

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