Poppy and Columbine Seed Head Panel mounted on Eucalyptus


Poppy and columbine dried seed head pate de verre panel mounted on Eucalyptus wood.

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This is an unique seed head panel made using the pate de verre process of layering fine glass powder into a mold.  The panel has been mounted on a slice of Eucalyptus wood.

The mold was made by pressing dried seed heads from my garden into a molding compound, allowing the mold to dry thoroughly, then burning out the seed heads. Glass powder is then firmly pressed into the mold in layers, and put into the kiln to fuse.

Once fused, the panel is removed, cleaned, coldworked and then mounted on the piece of Eucalyptus.  The Eucalyptus is sustainably sourced – the branch fell of my tree into the garden.