Soap saver bubble plate


Soap Saver Bubble Plate to stop your soap from staying soggy

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Are you disappointed when your gorgeous new handmade bar of soap (or for that matter any bar of soap) goes soggy sat on the side of your bath or on your hand basin?  Look no further! My soap saver bubble plates should help you solve the problem.

The idea is simple – each Soap Saver Bubble Plate is made from a double layered fused piece of glass, on top of which had been added a series of fused on raised dots.  This allows the bar of soap to sit above any left over water and drain successfully.  Each Soap Saver Bubble Plate has had for silicon bumpers glued to the base to stop it from clattering on the hand basin.

Part of the reason everyone seemed to go over to pump hand washes was because of soggy soap.  You’d wash your hands, with soap and water, replace the bar of soap, and the next time you go to use it it’s soggy underneath, which makes it disappear quickly.  No More!  Give a Soap Saver bubble plate a try.

Approx size – 4″ x 3″

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Weight 0.160 kg
Dimensions 11 × 7.5 × 1 cm

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