Soap saver dish – Square


Soap dish – soap saver dish in fused glass primary colours



Are you trying your best to be more environmentally friendly?  Changed to bar soaps but annoyed that your gorgeous soaps are going soggy and to mush on the side of the hand basin?  My soap saver dishes could be just the thing you need to save your soap and sanity!

They are a mixture of transparent and opaque glass, and have a range of raised decorations in the base to help set the soap above the water that runs off the bar after you’ve finished using it.  This allows the soap to dry off between uses, and helps make it last so much longer.

Each bowl is set on little silicon rubber bumpers that cushion the dish and protect the surface it sits on.

Main dish colour combinations will vary over time, as will decoration colours and shapes – but I will keep the variations in stock up to date with pictures and quantities of each colour/decoration colour/shape available.

I love this shape dish, and they are very practical.

Vital statistics – 13 cm x 13 cm; 6 mm thick glass and approx 3cm high at the corners.

Different colour combinations are available on request – so if you would like something to match your decor just send me a message.

Additional information

Weight 0.99 kg
Dimensions 45 × 35 × 16 cm