Flamework Workshop

Why not come along and spend several hours trying out something new?

Probably the most therapeutic thing you’ll ever do is learn to make a glass bead.  There is something Zen like about the process – I’ve been Flameworking since 2008, and mainly I use it as a means to relax an chill out, though I’ve been known to make jewellery out of the beads I produce. Mostly I’ll make things like small robins, owls, tree decorations and bits and pieces to incorporate in my fused glass work.

In our new two torch area, you (or you and a friend) can learn the age old process of Lampworking or Flameworking.  This is the process where glass rods are taken, and melted in the flame; wrapped around stainless steel mandrels, and decorated with coloured glass, glass powders, frits, enamels, copper, mica and metals to produce unique glass beads. 

You will gain an understanding of the process.

How to work safely with a flame in excess of 1000 degrees Celcius.

Make your own flameworked glass beads, and impress your friends with your unique and creative results. 

It’s a great idea for a birthday gift – Dragon Art Glass can even supply you with a gift voucher!