Fused Glass Class

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Create and make your very own fused glass piece. You’ll receive constant supervision and guidance to learn how to safely choose the appropriate glass, cut and assemble it ready for the kiln process.

Classes can be tailored to you, and can vary if you wish from a few hours to a full day class.  During the class you can expect to learn –

  • Glass workshop safety procedures;
  • how to use glass cutting tools;
  • how to select and cut the glass to a pattern;
  • the basics of a glass fusing schedule

For a short class of a few hours, you can expect to make something like a suncatcher or a trinket dish

For a full day class either several sucatchers; a small panel or a trinket dish plus a suncatcher could be made.  All will be dependent on the rate at which you work.

The piece will then be placed in the kiln and fired for you.  Your very own unique  handcrafted fused glass piece will be cleaned and posted to you within a few days.

I have tried in the past to post a direct link to enable purchase of a fused glass workshop directly to my shop, but find it more convenient to discuss availability dates via email, as I am often available at relatively short notice, and can often fit in dates and times around your ability

If you want to know more about booking a class? Contact me below.